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2 LenSx Laser and WaveLight Refractive Suite continue to evolve by Michael Gordon, MD A t this meeting, you have the opportunity to see new software and hardware developments across the Alcon (Fort Worth, Texas) laser port- folio. This article will highlight some of the innovations from Alcon in re- fractive and femtosecond laser-as- sisted cataract surgery (FLACS). The LenSx Laser (Alcon) ele- vates precision and efficiency in cataract refractive surgery and provides a precise and predictable approach to cataract surgery. It has been used in more cataract surger- ies worldwide than any other fem- tosecond laser. In fact, its evolving technology has been used in more than 1 million cataract refractive procedures in the United States alone. Alcon continues to maintain its market leadership despite com- petitive platform entry. LenSx Laser procedures have grown 8–10% during the past 2 years as more surgeons acquire the technology (Alcon data on file). FLACS now ac- counts for nearly 12% of all cataract procedures, and that penetration continues to improve quarter after quarter (Market Scope Q4-17). The LenSx Laser offers these benefits: enhanced procedure automation; precise and customiz- able incision architecture; pristine capsulotomies; versatile fragmenta- tion patterns; a simple and effective one-piece patient interface; and innovative, high definition OCT tech- nology for precise incisions. The LenSx Laser was the first femtosecond laser for laser-assisted cataract surgery. With the software upgrade launching at this meeting, you will see a variety of enhance- ments. First and foremost, the new graphic user interface (GUI) has been enhanced for further efficien- cy (Figure 1), and the flow is more intuitive. Many of the buttons and steps have been simplified based on surgeon feedback. Alcon also en- hanced the laser's incision-making capability. Surgeons now have the ability to see an enhanced visual- ization of the angle for improved incision placement. As you can see in Figure 2, they added a limbal reference line in yellow to assist in the planning process. For secondary (side port) incisions, the angle range options have been widened as well. The LenSx Laser already had the ability to do a LASIK flap. In this software launch, a side cut-on- ly function has been added for increased refractive capabilities. For the cataract surgeon who may need additional cornea capabilities but does not have enough volume to support acquiring a femtosecond la- ser like the FS200 to be paired with an excimer laser, Alcon added the FS200 pocket and tunnel functions to the LenSx Laser. Having the flexi- bility to serve the corneal inlay mar- ket for presbyopia and tunnels for corneal rings is a welcome addition that delivers on Alcon's promise to continuously develop the platform into a complete anterior segment/ corneal workstation. The WaveLight EX500 excimer laser (Alcon) also includes new software features like the LenSx Laser. The new software on this platform will improve surgeon and technician ease of use as well. This improved GUI will provide better visibility under low light conditions due to the improved contrast for dark or fairly lit surgery rooms and enhanced typeface and font size. This same look and feel will be consistent across the WaveLight EX500, FS200 and WaveNet Planning Station (Figure 3). The new software is clearly arranged and designed for improved workflow and clearly iden- tifies eye selection with a synchro- nized color scheme. The WaveLight Refractive Suite includes new ergonomic enhance- ments designed to enhance surgeon comfort and convenience for the new platforms being manufactured. The keyboard is now illuminated for better visibility in dark surgery rooms. For controlled activation, the emergency stop switch has been integrated and recessed into the laser housing. Furthermore, the control panels have been improved and divided into surgeon and assis- tant areas, which increases comfort for the surgeon and staff. During installation of a new unit, surgeons will have the option of customizing the heads-up display (HUD) for their dominant eye. Similarly, the WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser is at the cutting edge of refractive technology. It integrates many new functions for fast, effective, and reliable femto- second laser treatments. The combi- nation of an optimized repetition rate at 200 kHz, a special scanning algorithm, and customizable energy and spacing parameters make the WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser the fastest flap creation laser plat- form in the United States. CONTOURA Vision, introduced by Alcon in 2016, will also be fea- tured. I have relied on this technolo- gy as well to deliver superior results in my practice. CONTOURA Vision has added a benefit to patient outcomes in those where we obtain good WaveLight Topolyzer VARIO images and fall within the approval range. As demonstrated in the FDA trial and since, rates of UCVA better than 20/20, better contrast, and im- proved visual symptoms make this a valuable addition to what we can offer our patients. Alcon is offering additional color options for the WaveLight Re- fractive Suite that may fit your office surroundings better, and the LenSx Laser exterior color is now har- monized with the rest of the Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite. Both of these new options are available for viewing at the Alcon booth. In this supplement, Terry Kim, MD, will highlight the LenSx Laser's ability to shine in difficult cases, Cathleen McCabe, MD, will discuss the corneal capabilities, and Mark Lobanoff, MD, will discuss best practices for integrating CONTOURA Vision into your practice. It's an exciting time in oph- thalmology, as the refractive and cataract worlds become one. Contact information Gordon: Mgordon786@gmail.com Figure 1: New LenSx Laser graphic user interface Figure 2: Limbal reference line in yellow to assist in the planning process Figure 3: WaveLight graphic user interface design update Source (all): Alcon Innovations in cataract and refractive surgery Please refer to pages 7 and 8 for Important Product Information about the Alcon products described in this supplement.

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