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ASCRS Clinical Survey 2016

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Corneal Refractive Surgery/Retina/ Advanced Glaucoma Treatments Nearly 70% of respondents use UCVA of 20/20 or better to assess their LVC outcomes. 11% do not have a standardized way of assessing outcomes. However, this has dropped 9% since the 2015 ASCRS Clinical Survey. More than 35% of respondents to the ASCRS Clinical Survey perform intravitreal injections, and 80% have confidence in the timing of retinal disease therapies with respect to cataract surgery. Overall, respondents report seeing roughly 50 patients per month with glaucoma, and 13% of all cataract patients are estimated to have glaucoma. Additionally, 70% of respondents do not currently use MIGS. However, an average of 20% of patients with glaucoma are estimated to be candidates for a MIGS device. Overall, respondents to the 2016 ASCRS Clinical Survey think that 32% of their patients who are prescribed one medication are not compliant. This increases to 37% for two medications and 43% for more than two medications. ASCRS 2016 Clinical Survey 8

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