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Innovative IOL technologies for the cataract surgeon Moderator Stephen Lane, MD, is in private practice at Associated Eye Care, Stillwater, Minnesota, and is adjunct clinical professor, University of Minnesota. He can be contacted at sslane@ associatedeyecare.com. Faculty Richard Tipperman, MD, is in private practice in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at rtipperman@mindspring. com. Lawrence Woodard, MD, is in private practice at Omni Eye Services, Atlanta. He can be contacted at lwoodard@ omnieyeatlanta.com. Lisa Cibik, MD, is in private practice in Pittsburgh. She can be contacted at lcibik@aiovision.com. UltraSert Preloaded Delivery System with AcrySof IQ aspheric IOL Simplifying IOL preparation for insertion and maximiz- ing surgeon control in a single-use system allows for a more streamlined cataract procedure and enhanced sterility during IOL implantation. Because of this, single-use, preloaded IOL injection devices may be the future for implantation of all IOLs. The UltraSert Preloaded Delivery System with the AcrySof IQ aspheri- cal monofocal IOL (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas), which was recently launched, is the newest addition to what will be the growing number of single-use manufacturer- loaded IOL delivery systems. UltraSert demonstrates the advantage of integration of manual control with the convenience of a single-use, disposable, preloaded injection system that cataract surgeons can add to their surgical armamentarium. Stephen Lane, MD: What are the benefits of a preload- ed IOL? Which of these benefits was the most mean- ingful to you as you chose to start using the UltraSert device? In other words, what made you switch from manual (or a competitor) to UltraSert? Richard Tipperman, MD: We need to look at this tech- nology in terms of benefits for the patient, for the facil- ity, for the staff of the facility, and for the doctor. With touchless delivery, there is a benefit across the board. It is a great product to deliver a lens very reproducibly each time. When we consider what is best for the pa- tient, the facility, and the nursing staff, having the lens preloaded and being able to provide touchless delivery is a very strong positive. Surgeons need to realize that the small changes they will need to make in their tech- nique to use this product are well worth it. Lawrence Woodard, MD: I have been surprised by the beauty of an IOL that does not have imperfections due to handling. I realize how many times I have overlooked or ignored minor marks or imprints that technicians may have left on the IOL or that the metal plunger in the system may have placed on the IOL if it didn't fold perfectly. If these marks were not in the center of the visual axis, I would just move on. It is nice to see a clean optic each and every time. Lisa Cibik, MD: I use a 2.2-mm incision, and it works well. The virgin lens is very gently placed inside the eye. One of the most serious problems encountered with preparing and using an IOL injector is having a partially or completely amputated haptic. Dr. Tipperman: It's amazing how the lens always seems to be marked or scratched in a patient who is the moth- er of someone who works in your surgery center or in a patient with a very finicky referring doctor. This technol- ogy takes a great deal of worry out of the equation. Dr. Cibik: This has to do with how the inserter is de- signed with the tension plunger and its spring-con- trolled mechanism. It allows the IOL to be inserted into This supplement was produced by EyeWorld and sponsored by Alcon. The doctors featured in this supplement received compensation from Alcon for their contributions to this supplement. Copyright 2016 ASCRS Ophthalmic Corporation. All rights reserved. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, editorial board, or the publisher, and in no way imply endorsement by EyeWorld or ASCRS.

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