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H igh quality cataract surgery out- comes flow from a cascading series of decisions. You want the very best equipment because you want the least inflammation. The VICTUS ® femtosec- ond laser (Bausch + Lomb, Bridgewater, N.J.) gives me consistent capsulotomies, which leads to a better lens position when I am put- ting in my Crystalens ® AO (Bausch + Lomb), and that leads to better results. Since using the VICTUS ® laser, I have achieved more J1 and J2 results with excellent distance vision than I ever saw with my manual procedures. The overall effect leaves me more likely to meet or exceed the expectations that we set for the patient. The difference for me starts with the ad- vanced swept source OCT (optical coherence tomography) imaging system and updated software for the VICTUS ® femtosecond laser. The VICTUS ® is the only femtosecond laser offering real-time advanced swept source OCT. I've achieved more than 99% free-float- ing capsulotomies, which is pretty unheard of with most available technology; it also allows very fine focused OCT of the locations where I'm going to place both my arcuate incisions and entry incisions. It allows me to drop and draw. I can look at the depth to which my limbal relaxing incision is going, and if I want it a little longer I just point to it with the cur- sor and pull it down a little farther. For me, the technology has simplified the procedure on one hand but also increased the accuracy. Other innovations include the availabili- ty of multiple patterns for lens fragmentation. This lets us break up soft cataracts, medium cataracts, and hard cataracts more efficiently, which provides greater utility. But how do these various Bausch + Lomb technologies come together to complement each other? One example is the ability to cre- ate any type of opening for cataract surgery to fit your equipment, which in my case is the MICS handpiece for the Stellaris ® system (Bausch + Lomb). The perfect fit for my phaco handpiece is a 1.8 mm incision, minimizing wound leak, which is a big advantage. Those two dovetail nicely and each step builds on the other. If I can get a beautiful, clean removal of both the cataract and the cortex and have Storz ® instruments (Bausch + Lomb) like the capsule guard and the Whitman Toric Marker to help me clean the capsule or give a mid-peripheral toric mark, it is easier to line up any type of toric lens implant. It's pretty amazing how these tools seamlessly work together. Another way the equipment works to- gether is in helping me to meet patient expec- tations. Patient expectations are frequently high when it comes to premium lenses. You want the very best equipment because you want the least inflammation and the most precise results. Those benefits to cataract surgery start with the VICTUS ® system. In my experience with the femtosecond laser, I can breathe a sigh of relief because I know it is going to be an easier case, with faster cataract removal, less inflammation, and that most patients are going to see better, compared to a manual approach. We talk about optimizing outcomes for premium lens patients. I truly believe my best outcomes are from using the VICTUS ® laser to produce those results, and that is why I suggest it for every one of my patients. Another advantage from using the com- bination of Bausch + Lomb products is the efficiency gains they can provide. The higher percentage of times that we hit our goals for premium lens patients provides several ad- vantages: less inflammation, quicker healing, and achievement of best vision quicker than I experience in my non-femto cases. These results stem directly from the combination of the Orbscan ® IIz analyzer (Bausch + Lomb) topography for aiding in lens calculations, VICTUS ® , Stellaris ® system, and high tech- nology lens implants, like the Trulign ® Toric and enVista ® IOLs (Bausch + Lomb). It's the complete portfolio and not just the premi- um lenses that gives us better offerings for our patients and increases our chances for 20/happy patients. New technology should not mean giving up on efficiency in the OR. Using the VICTUS ® femtosecond laser, I can Premium vision series What surgeons and patients gain from a combined premium cataract suite by Jeffrey Whitman, MD VICTUS ® femtosecond laser Supplement to EyeWorld April 2015 digital.eyeworld.org The news magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery continued on page 2 Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb

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