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C Delivering on the promise: AcrySof IQ ReSTOR IOL www.eyeworld.org What role does advanced technology play in your practice? 2 0 1 2 A S C R S • A S O A C h i c a g o S h o w D a i l y S u p p l e m e n t This Show Daily supplement is sponsored by Alcon. Why using this multifocal lens can increase patient satisfaction and referrals M ost ophthalmologists agree that patient selection will always be a major factor in patient satisfaction— and that's true in our experiences as well. As two ophthalmologists prac- ticing on either coast, we've found that while our patient populations may differ in demographics, they both demand excellent post-cataract surgery vision. Patients are usually happy simply because you've removed their cataract, but of all the happy patients, patients with multi- focal lenses are thrilled with their new vision. It's this type of patient satisfaction that leads to more word- of-mouth referrals and a higher volume practice. Patients may not know the name of a particular IOL, but they know their neighbors, col- leagues, or family friends don't need to use spectacles nearly as often as some of their other acquaintances— and those are the lenses patients want. Our results have mimicked those of the FDA study data (see Figure 1). In clinical studies, the distance peak of the defocus curve demon- strated that the AcrySof IQ ReSTOR +3.0 IOL (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas) patients achieved a mean distance visual acuity of 20/20 or better, with a clear range for near vision from –2.0 D to –4.5 D (see Figure 2). In addition, the mean intermediate visual acuity of 20/25 or better is an improvement of 1.5 lines in visual acuity for patients implanted with an IQ ReSTOR +3.0 IOL vs. an IQ ReSTOR +4.0 IOL (AcrySof IQ ReSTOR 6-month directions for use). Here, we offer some of our pearls for ensuring success with the IQ ReSTOR IOL. Why choose the ReSTOR IOL Dr. Davidson: The IQ ReSTOR IOL gives me confidence that I can meet or exceed patient expectations for unaided near vision without com- promising far vision. In my practice, I have found refractive results and patient satisfaction ratings with the IQ ReSTOR IOL to be highly pre- dictable. The IQ ReSTOR +3 IOL delivers near vision consistently. I have not explanted any of the 1,000 IQ ReSTOR +3 IOLs (SN6AD1) that I have implanted. The IQ ReSTOR +3 IOL is a significant improvement over previous ReSTOR IOL genera- tions, possessing an expanded range of focus. I describe the first genera- tion lens as having a near "sweet spot" and the IQ ReSTOR +3 IOL as having a near "sweet zone." Dr. McCabe: After implanting more than 2,000 advanced technol- ogy lenses, I have learned that a detailed conversation with the patient and careful examination of the eye are critical to success. As long as the cornea and the rest of the eye are healthy, I explain to my patients the range of options avail- able and that we offer all of the ad- vanced technology lenses. I have found the IQ ReSTOR IOL will most reliably provide excellent unaided vision at all distances, and it is my preferred advanced technology lens choice. Two important exceptions to that rule are those patients with any amount of early corneal disease or those with significant dry eye that cannot be managed. Dr. Davidson: I recommend the IQ ReSTOR IOL to cataract patients with healthy eyes who desire high quality full-range vision, who are willing to tolerate a temporary halo John Davidson, M.D., and Cathleen McCabe, M.D. Figure 2. Mean defocus curves of the AcrySof IQ ReSTOR +4 IOL vs. an AcrySof IQ ReSTOR +3 IOL Figure 1. Patient satisfaction This supplement was produced by EyeWorld and sponsored by Alcon. The doctors featured in this supplement received compensation from Alcon for their contributions to this supplement. Michelle Dalton, EyeWorld contributing editor based in Reading, Pa., assisted in writing this supplement. Copyright 2012 ASCRS Ophthalmic Corporation. All rights reserved. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, editorial board, or the publisher, and in no way imply endorsement by EyeWorld or ASCRS. by John Davidson, M.D., and Cathleen McCabe, M.D. 6-month post-op data of patient satisfaction with the SN6AD1 (ReSTOR +3) Overall Baseline 0.5 Bilateral 3.3 Day vision Baseline 0.7 Bilateral 3.3 Night vision Baseline 0.6 Bilateral 3.1 Scale: 0-4 (0=not at all satisfied; 4=completely satisfied) continued on page 2 Please refer to page 12 for important safety information about the Alcon surgical products described in this supplement. Alcon Sunday supplement_Chicago2012-12pages_Layout 1 4/20/12 4:50 PM Page 1

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