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JULY 2021 | WHITE PAPER | 8 14. Harrell CR, et al. The role of Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist in mesenchymal stem cell-based tissue repair and regeneration. Biofactors. 2020;46:263–275. 15. Harrell CR, et al. Exo-D-MAPPS attenuates production of inflam- matory cytokines and promoted generation of immunosuppres- sive phenotype in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Ser J Exp Clin Res. 2019; doi:10.2478/sjecr-2019-0045. 16. Svajger U, Rozman P. Induction of tolerogenic dendritic cells by en- dogenous biomolecules: An update. Front Immunol. 2018;9:2482. 17. Shinzawa M, et al. Epidermal fatty acid-binding protein: A novel marker in the diagnosis of dry eye disease in Sjögren syndrome. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19:3463. 18. Sánchez-Avila RM, et al. Plasma rich in growth factors eye drops to treat secondary ocular surface disorders in patients with glau- coma. Int Med Case Rep J. 2018;11:97–103. 19. Foulks GN, Borchman D. Meibomian gland dysfunction: the past, present, and future. Eye Contact Lens. 2010;36:249–253. 20. Hwang HS, et al. Meibocyte differentiation and renewal: Insights into novel mechanisms of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Exp Eye Res. 2017;163:37–45. 21. Akpek EK, et al. Sjögren's syndrome: More than just dry eye. Cornea. 2019;38:658–661. References 1. Craig JP, et al. TFOS DEWS II Definition and Classification Report. Ocul Surf. 2017;15:276–283. 2. Milner MS, et al. Dysfunctional tear syndrome: dry eye disease and associated tear film disorders – new strategies for diagnosis and treatment. Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2017;27 Suppl 1:3–47. 3. Foulks GN, et al. Clinical guidelines for management of dry eye associated with Sjögren's disease. Ocul Surf. 2015;13:118–132. 4. Stevenson W, et al. Dry eye disease: an immune-mediated ocular surface disorder. Arch Ophthalmol. 2012;130:90–100. 5. Messmer EM. The pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of dry eye disease. Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2015;112:71–81. 6. Nguyen LS, et al. Sirolimus and mTOR inhibitors: A review of side effects and specific management in solid organ transplantation. Drug Saf. 2019;42:813–825. 7. Agarwal P, et al. Formulation considerations for the management of dry eye disease. Pharmaceutics. 2021;13:207. 8. Harrell CR, et al. Therapeutic potential of "Exosomes Derived Multiple Allogeneic Proteins Paracrine Signaling: Exosomes d-MAPPS" is based on the effects of exosomes, immunosuppres- sive and trophic factors. Ser J Exp Clin Res. 2019;20:189–197. 9. Harrell CR, et al. Therapeutic potential of amniotic fluid derived mesenchymal stem cells based on their differentiation capaci- ty and immunomodulatory properties. Curr Stem Cell Res Ther. 2019;14:327–336. 10. Harrell CR, et al. Therapeutic use of mesenchymal stem cell-de- rived exosomes: From basic science to clinics. Pharmaceutics. 2020;12:474. 11. Harrell CR, et al. Therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells and their secretome in the treatment of glaucoma. Stem Cells Int. 2019;2019:7869130. 12. Harrell CR, et al. Therapeutic potential of "derived-Multiple Al- logeneic Proteins Paracrine Signaling d-MAPPS" in the treat- ment of dry eye disease. Ser J Exp Clin Res. 2019; doi:10.2478/ sjecr-2019-0072. 13. Harrell CR, Volarevic V. Restoration of meibomian gland func- tionality with novel mesenchymal stem cell-derived product "derived-Multiple Allogeneic Proteins Paracrine Signaling (d-MAPPS)": a case report. Ser J Exp Clin Res. 2020; doi:10.2478/ sjecr-2020-0059. Copyright 2021 ASCRS Ophthalmic Corporation. All rights reserved. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the staff and leadership of EyeWorld and ASCRS and in no way imply endorsement by EyeWorld and ASCRS. Sponsored by Regener-Eyes ®

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