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1 • 2018 ASCRS Clinical Survey Sixth annual ASCRS Clinical Survey Where is your practice located? • 64% of respondents were from the U.S., 58% last year • 10% of respondents from South America, 13% last year • Asia: 6% • Europe: 6% • 62 countries (excluding U.S.) • 7 less than last year • Turkey, Germany, and Spain new to the top 10 this year (replaced Peru, Egypt, and Italy) • Top 5 same countries as last year, India and Mexico switch places Top 10 % Brasil 14% Canada 9% India 6% Mexico 5% Argentina 5% Turkey 5% Australia 4% Colombia 4% Germany 3% Spain 3% Other 41% n=992 n=986 6 • What is your gender? • Overall, just under 3 to 1 ratio of male to female, 73% male and 27% female • U.S. slightly higher female, 29%, compared to 24% Non-U.S. • How many years have you been in practice? • Overall, nearly 70% of respondents have been in practice 11+ years, 69% • U.S.: 67% • Non-U.S.: 73% n=981 n=978 8 Where is your primary surgery location? (Select all that apply) • Overall, 28% of respondents selected 2 primary surgery locations • Over 80% of U.S. respondents selected ASC, 82% • Surgeon-Owned: 39% • Corporate-Owned: 8% • Hospital-Owned: 17% • Combination of the above:17% • Nearly 60% of Non-U.S. respondents selected Private or Public Hospital, 59%, U.S. 18% • Overall, 14% of respondents selected Academic Institution or Non-profit, U.S. 12% and Non-U.S. 17% n=976 10 Do you have an optometrist employed as part of your practice? U.S. ONLY • Yes: 72% • No: 28% n=620 11 As the ASCRS Education Committee chair, I am pleased to announce some of the results from the sixth annual ASCRS Clinical Survey, which was composed of 150 questions that were developed and reviewed by mem- bers of the ASCRS Clinical Committees and validated by a social science statistician. The survey was taken by more than 1,000 members and generated more than 330 measurable data elements, which were then reviewed and interpreted by the ASCRS Education Committee and Clinical Committee members. Questions addressed topics within cataract surgery, cornea and ocular surface, corneal refractive surgery, glaucoma, retina, and more. The results from the sur- vey not only shape content at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting, EyeWorld CME activities, and other meetings sponsored by ASCRS, but they also drive much of our online learning, webinars, and print education. The survey identifies educational content that is either needed by members, wanted by members, or lacking in the ASCRS member population. This survey also helps identify whether ASCRS education is making a difference; it is a tool to help shape mem- ber practice patterns; and it can help identify areas for possible research. ASCRS is the only major association in ophthalmology that performs a comprehensive survey like this, releasing highlights of the results through a sup- plement. I encourage everyone to continue participating in the survey on a yearly basis because it does provide valuable educational information, not only for ASCRS but for you as a member. It's our education as ophthalmolo- gists, but ultimately, it benefits our patients and patient outcomes. Rosa Braga-Mele, MD ASCRS Education Committee chair More than 1,000 members responded to the sixth annual ASCRS Clinical Survey, providing clinical opinions and practice patterns that help drive ASCRS education and other member benefits and initiatives

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