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APACRS The news magazine of the Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons Supplement to EyeWorld Asia-Pacific Fall 2018 Seventh annual Alcon Foresight meeting The inserter comes preloaded with Clareon, is designed for single-hand use with a responsive speed control le- ver, and features comfortable ergonomics. It also carries Al- con's proprietary depth guard and a 3-mm nozzle tip for through-the-wound delivery, which help maintain wound size. David Eister, Global Director for cataract, Alcon, U.S., spoke about innovations in equipment for cataract surgery, highlighting the Centurion Vision System with Active Sentry. This system includes a new sensor- equipped handpiece, new hardware and software, and improvements in the fluidics management system (FMS), or the consumable. This sys- tem allows occlusion break to be sensed and responded to in real time. "Once we sense the event, we can now react faster than we've ever been able to before," he said. "By changing the fluid coming from the machine and being withdrawn, we're able to Regional Medical Affairs Sur- gical, Alcon, Asia, presented a few of these novel innova- tions that are either in the pipeline or have been recent- ly delivered to the Asia-Pacific market. The first was the Clareon monofocal IOL and AutonoMe delivery system. The Clareon IOL consists of a new lens material and bio-op- tics with stable-force haptic design. These features allow for stable lens positioning after implantation; a reduced rate of positive dysphotop- sias, glistenings, surface haze, and posterior capsule opaci- fication; and good postop visual acuity and outcomes. "Clareon is a new lens material providing unsur- passed optical clarity and a novel, hydrophobic, acrylic material, and a new advanced manufacturing process. These advancements are to provide a better quality IOL to give your patients more clarity in their vision," Mr. Palmer said. AutonoMe is considered first-of-its-kind as a fully au- tomated, single-use, dispos- able IOL delivery system that uses a CO 2 cartridge for con- trolled, consistent delivery. longer and aspire to be fully functional throughout their life span, which he said moti- vates Alcon to "drive inno- vation, to drive technology to create better products that can meet their needs. Both of these together can give us our purpose, our mission, which is to discover new ways to enhance sight and improve people's lives." Alcon offers a wide spectrum of pharmaceu- ticals, devices, and technolo- gies for all parts of eyecare. "But we are not resting on our laurels. We under- stand that what you need is innovation. You are constant- ly in need of better products that will help you deliver the better outcomes for your patients, and that is the core to everything that we do at Alcon," Mr. Narayanan said, adding the company spends $500 million on research and development annually and in the Asia-Pacific region alone, the company received 46 regulatory approvals within the first quarter of 2018. Many of the ideas for innovation come from discus- sions with ophthalmologists. Robby Palmer, Director, A lcon hosted its seventh Fore- sight meeting in Seoul, South Korea, 2–3 June 2018, gathering about 300 delegates, which made it the largest Foresight meeting to date, according to Raj Narayanan, Region Presi- dent, Alcon, Asia. Before the meeting delved into general and specialized sessions, Mr. Narayanan discussed "Who are we here for?" "I think that all of us in this room have a shared vision and a shared purpose and that is to help people see better," Mr. Narayanan said. "… While significant advances have been made in the field of ophthalmology, I think there is a lot more that needs to be done. While on the one hand we're very proud that ophthalmics has touched the lives of millions of people each year, we're also humbled to know there are about 300 million people whose lives, whose sight can be better with better care and better treatment." Even still, Mr. Narayanan continued, people are living Raj Narayanan, Region President, Alcon Asia continued on page 2 Panel of speakers at the Video Symposium

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